Alien At The ISS Window And NASA Cuts The Live Feed(Video)

Here’s the extraordinary video which shows us a possible Alien Grey at the window of the ISS. NASA then cuts the ISS live feed cameras again.


Strange Alien Species Caught Inside ISS? NASA Cut’s LIVE Feed! 8/13/2017.

Video description:

NASA Cuts Feed! Strange Alien Species Caught Inside ISS?

Even if it’s not an Alien at the ISS window, we’ve got a UFO in the same video watching the Astronaut’s working on the outside of the ISS.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

But then as usual I got distracted by UFO sightings and this stunning possible Alien Grey at the ISS window moving around the ISS and looking out of the window. It sounds bonkers, nobody more than me understands just how bizarre it sounds but all I’m saying is what I’m seeing.

UFO photo:

A large cigar shaped UFO filmed watching astronaut work on the ISS.

There’s always something going on everywhere and at any time. Further along in the video we see a great UFO sighting.

Something moves at the window and it looks grey, there are big black almond-shaped eyes and it’s holding something up in front of its body.

I understand how it sounds but just like the UK TV quiz show catchphrase motto is “say what you see” that’s exactly what I’m doing and it’s a good way to keep myself grounded in reality. It’s like an anchor into the real world. Just “say what you see” and so that’s exactly why I’m posting about this.

Something with grey-looking skin is moving in front of the International Space Station window and it’s got large black eyes. It’s larger than a human being and it’s holding what looks like an orange type of board in front of itself.

NASA cut the live feed!

Seriously you can’t make it up, NASA always gives us a quick glimpse and turns off the live feed. It’s cruel and disingenuous about their whole ethos for being in space! This video is mind-boggling if indeed it turns out that it’s an Alien Grey at the window.

Help out:

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Credit: Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube Channel/NASA/UFO Sighting’s Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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