Leaked: Tencent Has New Team Working on ChatGPT Rival

Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings has revealed plans to develop its own large language model chatbot, similar to OpenAI’s widely popular ChatGPT. The $466B conglomerate has set up a development team, led by former Microsoft researcher Zhengyou Zhang, to work on the project, which will incorporate the company’s AI training model, “Hunyuan.”

The chatbot, called “HunyuanAide,” is Tencent’s latest attempt to tap into the rapidly growing market of generative AI and other AI-powered communication tools.

China Is Now Part of the Global AI Race

ChatGPT has been in the spotlight for several months since its launch last year. And companies across the world are eager to develop their own offerings.

Microsoft owns nearly half of OpenAI and has incorporated ChatGPT in Bing. Google has announced its own ChatGPT alternative called Bard, which is set for deployment on Google Search very soon.

But despite its broad recognition in the east, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has not been made available in China, where the company has been blocked by the government. But that hasn’t stopped the underlying AI technology behind ChatGPT from spreading into Chinese tech platforms.

Tencent’s entry into the chatbot market comes after China’s Ministry of Science and Technology recently declared its intention to promote the integration of AI into the country’s economy and society.

Tencent’s rivals, including Alibaba Group and Baidu Inc, have also announced plans to develop their own chatbots, with Baidu’s “Ernie Bot” expected to launch next month.

Hunyuan’s Record-Breaking Score

Tencent’s Hunyuan AI model achieved a record-high score on the Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation test in November 2022, becoming the first AI model to outperform humans. This has raised expectations for Tencent’s latest venture, with many in the industry eager to see if “HunyuanAide” can live up to the precedent it has set.

The use of AI in communication is rapidly growing, and Tencent’s entry into the market is sure to be watched closely, both by competitors and the Chinese government. With its deep pockets, extensive research capabilities, and world-class talent, Tencent is well-positioned to make a significant impact in this evolving field not only in China, but potentially worldwide.

But whether or not “HunyuanAide” can actually hold a candle to ChatGPT remains to be seen.

The development of AI-powered communication tools has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Chatbots like ChatGPT and “HunyuanAide” can be useful in automating boringly repetitive tasks, providing us with quick information, and even holding conversations when we’re feeling lonely.

One of the key benefits of these tools is their ability to handle multiple tasks at once. This allows us to multitask and be more productive, as we no longer need to switch between different applications to get the information we need. Additionally, they can perform tasks 24/7, even without human supervision.

Furthermore, ChatGPT and other conversational AI continuously learn and improve over time since providers typically collect data from their users. As these models interact with more users and receive more data, they become better at understanding human speech and providing relevant information.

This is a major advantage over traditional communication methods. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect chatbots to become even more advanced and capable of handling more complex tasks. However, there are also concerns about the proliferation of fake news and other propaganda due to present models’ inability to fact-check their outputs.

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