NASA’s Live Broadcast of Four Unknown Objects is Interrupted(Video)

NASA’s live stream of four unknown Objects unexpectedly interrupted (video)

NASA’s International Space Station has captured “four unknown objects passing through clouds” in a live feed from an artificial satellite.

If you want, you can hear the full story on our Youtube channel:

The International Space Station currently serves as a microgravity and environmental research laboratory for astronauts in space.

It is a joint project of NASA, the Russian Space Agency, JAXA, the European Space Agency and the CSA. It cost more than 150 billion US dollars when it was launched in 1998.

The space agency conducts various experiments aboard the spacecraft, which are broadcast live on NASA’s YouTube channel. But every once in a while something weird happens, which gets caught on camera and by the audience.

Images uploaded to YouTube’s Space Source channel showed a round, dark object interrupting the live broadcast. The author said: “These four black objects have been seen and are hard to see until you have perfected the video.

The zoom in shows one of the four black objects. What is interesting is the shape, it appears to be definitely circular , very dark and particularly interesting.

These objects appear to be passing through the clouds, suggesting that they must be large objects to be visible from the ISS.”

In an odd twist, space agency crews appeared to recognize the object and zoomed in on the camera before it disappeared. The video was uploaded to YouTube, with one conspiracy theorist claiming he knew what acontecendo it was.

He said: “It was NASA amplifying the ufo, not me. They were as confused as I was. They had no idea what it was or why it was there.

During the transmission, they mentioned coordinates, which could be the location of the object. Passwords. They didn’t want to be obvious. After all, they never mentioned that sort of thing.”

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